Identity Design, Logo Design, Branding Design

Harappa Education 2.0

Harappa Education, a leading Ed Tech company, wanted a refresh to the original brand identity we had created for them a few years earlier. The new logo and brand system had to be more cutting edge and contemporary to reflect their new brand strategy.

What started off as an interface design for one vertical became a series of projects over a year encompassing Logo /Identity Redesign, Creating a system of Imagery, Visual Elements & Graphics, Interface Design for the Website with its different banners and folds, Toolkits for the different business verticals, Templates for Social Media and Design of all digital and physical Merchandise. The brand guide ran to 220 pages to cover all aspects of design.

The conceptual underpinning and inspiration of the Harappan civilization being the driver of form and structure was combined with the language and imagery of a Global Indian to create a fresh new edgy look.


    Amrita Dasgupta in collaboration with Madhumita Srivastava



    Sanjeev Singh, Rashmi Srivastava, Tosha Jagad, Deelip Khomane

Further Work in VISUAL DESIGN