Skymet Website

Corporate website and logo for Skymet who we had previously designed a seasonal website for (Mumbai Rain). The new site was to showcase the company’s growth and position them as the last word on weather, with information on the site ranging from serious weather advisories to everything that surrounds it, all tied together by ‘The Map’ that knows it all.

A repeat client, Skymet, asked us to create the new company website to reflect their improved capability and status as India’s biggest private weather forecaster. The website was to target visitors from both urban and rural sectors and encourage them to check the weather and all things weather related, the site had to exude depth and breadth of knowledge, professionalism through bold design and intuitive interaction. 

The design chose to put front and center Skymet’s biggest technology demonstrator – a nationwide map highlighting weather at any location, directions and micro weather along travel routes as well as isotherms, satellite images and radar images. The remaining web real estate had to highlight daily videos, advisories, announcements and articles.

The logo was inspired by the Skymet tag line “weather wise”. An owl, mascot of the wise, is both formed by and peeks out from behind a cloud, a nod to the previous logo. Two crescent moons enveloping the cloud imply the owl hugging the cloud while also alluding to the weather cycle.

Along with the logo, small navigational elements like the city specific icons and pop-up directions help add an element of quirkiness to an otherwise corporate site.

Our biggest challenge lay in the translation between design intent, technology capability and relaying real time information via a customized content management system. In conjunction with Skymet’s in-house team which handled the internal technology and Iffort which handled the coding and management of the website, we managed to negotiate a comfortable middle path.

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